loving you
By Okoh Udoka

About this book

Olivia Agu reject her first love Mark cause of what the public will say. But faith was kind she got him back, only this time with a terrible disease. "I was like a man travelling in a desert, I was thirsty very thirsty, so I longed for water, then luckily I saw an olive tree with dew drops on it, I use the dew drops to quench my thirst hoping it will work" he said and gave me a tender look "did it work" I asked "after I took it, I became dehydrated, I now long for that water now more than ever, you are the water, when you kissed me, I thought it will quench the thirst, but no it made me want more" he said, closing his eyes like to get hold of himself. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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