lust is blind
By Bunmi Adebiyi

About this book

It is often said that 'love is blind'. When the butterflies in one's tummy seize to flutter; and the emotional roller coaster ride leads to one feeling ill...when hearts are shattered into innumerable pieces and disappointments often linger...some claim that the cause of this disaster is the blind side of love. However, the red flags have always flown high prior; Was it love that caused the blindness? Or was the blindness a result of choice? There is something that is binds, robs, diminishes, destroyed and kills. In Lust is Blind, author Bunmi Adebiyi shares her journey to freedom from her various struggles. She shares invaluable tools that helped her in overcoming her plight with these issues and in turn discovering her purpose. She gave up her desperation of searching for love in all the wrong places and discovered that love was much more than an emotion. She discovered the source of true love. Lust is Blind is a compelling page won't be able to put it down! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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