maintaining healthy lifestyles and medical awareness
By Pauline Okoye

About this book

Health is wealth. The health of the people they say is the greatest of natural resources of the family or a nation upon which all their happiness and power depends. The aim of the author writing this book is the passion she has for people that were educated but not medically inclined, uneducated, inexperienced youths and adults. This book will inculcate into the reader to take urgent intervention for any minor health problems; accident, tragedy that may arise in their environment, this will support the adage that says “prevention is better than cure” and delay is dangerous. Many diseases have much to do with lifestyle among all human activities, the mode, time, quality and quantity of food eating affect the health of an individual. At least 40% of the all the present diseases are related to diet, also self-medication and some herbal drugs which the dosage cannot be quantified. The author dealt with general health aspect of human being, explaining all parts of the body, organs and systems. The discussion were under headings like, introduction, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnoses, their disease conditions, treatment, prevention, health tips and their complication. Moreover, those chapters in this book will educate the reader to do quick and concise triage. This will enable one in cases of accident or any illness to know cases that needed urgent intervention in the hospitals and those cases that will need first aid before going to hospital. Health tips in this booklet will change your lifestyle for good and prevent avoidable diseases and their complications. The author believes that this book will serve as a handbook for easy or quick guide in some minor health challenges. This is recommended for all cadres, youths, married, all none health professionals and students. It can be used for counseling, examination preparation and consultations. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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