memoirs of a justified gold digger
By Uneñwuójò Ameji

About this book

For a certain certified gold digger Didi Trap who knows first-hand that the art of gold digging is not getting miserly coins from a Mine but following laid down principles and using self-crafted tools, she meets fate. In a shocking twist of fate she plays a deadly game with Ali Kyari Bricks-famous billionaire and philanthropist and his son Akhmed Kyari Bricks-Africa’s youngest and wealthiest serial entrepreneur after Akhmed proposes a 200 million naira payoff to get married to his father or risk the exposure of a well-guarded secret. Blackmailed and in need of a thrill, she is set lose to discover who she is, what she is worth and take back what was rightfully hers. The Bricks Empire. Don’t miss the compelling revelations, uncensored truths and emotional overtures. “Compelling read with over a thousand hits. Cunningly plotted and remarkable. A terrific debut indeed”. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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