memory improvement booster
By Bertrand Kenechi Ugwuoke

About this book

If you 've  always  wondered whether there was a way you can stop forgetting things so often and so easily and instead be able to grasp simple as well as complex stuff without feeling like you are trying too hard keep reading..... “Memory Improvement Booster” is a practical research book on how to improve your memory, intelligence and learning either through dietary manipulation in terms of food supplements and feeding or through learning technique, behavioural and mental exercises.   Experts have shown that we utilize only on average 2% of the brain potential out of its enormous capacity. Human memory is an essential component of intelligence involves cells, neurons, chemicals and activities for optimal performance.   You may have a wonderful memory structure but in the absence of some vital nutrients and behavioural activities or learning technique in this book its performance will be greatly affected. Thus ,most condition that we called “memory Problem” Or “poor Performance” can simply be improved following steps in this book. This book provides in a simplest form, information on how to boost human memory in such a way that everybody that makes use of memory daily including students, workers, traders etc will find it useful and comprehensible. Proven strategies such as outline on this book can help you better remember information you studied.   Students who wish to improve their exam performance will find this book helpful.  This book will also guide parents on diets, food supplement and behavioural exercises to better train the brain of their children, an essential part of human intelligence. This book will show you just how it is possible to ‘hack’ your memory to make it better, more efficient and more reliable to use it to the best of your ability You will learn how you can harness the natural power of neuroplasticity so that you can enhance your ability to learn new information, increase your cognitive abilities and improve your memory at any age. I hope you enjoy it! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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