messages from the tunnels (vol.1)
By Nkanu Emori

About this book

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nkanu Emori, the master essayist of contemporary times, in this critically-acclaimed collection, emerges with four distinctive voices - protest, love, praise and mourning - that beat the imagination of his critics. Quintessential of the existential thinker that he is, Emori mirrors man and society in his essays and comes out with a verdict that shows that much work still needs to be done by these two entities for a true social order to be inaugurated. The Society Writer of international repute, whose image has been on the looming scale in the world essayists circuit, disagrees with a number of conventional and orthodox societal practices and idiosyncrasies of man, which have pervaded his time and circumstances. Inspired by the desire for social change and a new world order, with the essay as an instrument of that rejuvenation and engineering, as championed and propounded by his idols of ancient and medieval times and his spiritual and ideological mentors in the essay genre such as Dandemis, Bacon, Emerson, Addison and many others, Emori gathers and collates his opinions in this volume with the mastery, artistry and wizardry of the modern day sage that he is fast morphing into, with gradual and calculated finesse. ABOUT THE BOOK: Messages from the Tunnels (Vol. 1) is a text set to change the mindset of not just many but a multitude, with its ravaging critical essence, smooth sailing diction, distinctive literary connection and rich language power exhibited by the ess Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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