modish maxims: a set of style rules
By Damilola Oke

About this book

Modish Maxims is a Style Bible, written to give readers a clear and simple understanding of how to build a basic, essential and advanced wardrobe (based on personality and preference), with the long term aim to achieve a tasteful and consistent personal style. It is a timely publication which gears towards de-centralizing the knowledge of styling whilst giving readers’ the power to be stylish and establish the foundation they need to develop and hone a functional, memorable, aspirational and unique Personal Brand.Modish Maxims is birthed out of the author’s initiative to put the basic, essential and advanced knowledge of her craft (Fashion Styling), which is a substantial part of creating a viable personal and corporate brand, into writing. The book simplifies the tools you need to create a larger than life persona, tell rich and aesthetically pleasing stories and advertise products, through a strategic and endearing appearance.It boasts of over a hundred illustrated images to aid easy understanding of the multiple stages of fashion and style, delivers a reputable directory of Nigerian Designers & Retailers to patronize for male & female fashion (clothing & accessories) and 50 maxims, to live a fierce fashion & style journey by. This first Fashion Styling book out of Nigeria is a thorough and good read which truly empowers every reader. You can also connect with the Author, Damilola Oke (Madame Modish), through the following channels: Email - Instagram - @madamemodish @fierceandmodish @themenswearstylist Twitter - @fierceandmodish Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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