moms - adult only (18+)
By Emem Bassey

About this book

Seven years later, the heroines of the previous Duct series - Eddy, Wana, Debbie and Alero, celebrate family, adult kids (Stacey and Richard) and new friends (Cecil Ebe) on New Year's Eve. But there's a new enemy in town with his own agenda and he ends up working with King Edem, who's incarcerated for life, to exact vengeance on Morgan and Alero, using their children. The kidnap attempt goes bad and all pupils of Ahead Nursery and Primary School are locked in with the kidnappers. The women can't reach their husbands, so they take laws into their hands and do everything possible to rescue their children...and their husbands. Cecil Ebe returns to Retired DSS Director of Security, Usen Ebong, after rejecting his proposal years ago and Richard is head over heels in love with Stacey. It is a romance fest! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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