mountain of yesterday
By Tony Nwaka

About this book

"MOUNTAIN OF YESTERDAY serves as a reminder that although darkness may subsist for a while, light always finds its way, triumphing and dominating... The writing style is filled with a lot of sound imagery. Readers will have an easy time relating to the story." - THE GUARDIAN. Udoka, a young Igbo man of Christian faith, finds home in Borno where he has lived all his adult life and marries Amina, a beautiful woman from a strong Muslim family. Life appears to be fairly good before a twist that turns them victims of religious riots. They narrowly escape death and relocate to the East. But instead of the peace and shelter Udoka and his wife expect among his people, the homecoming brings its own troubles. How does this family confront the many challenges that come its way? What becomes of Amina when tragedy eventually strikes and she, a northern lady in an unfamiliar land, suddenly finds herself in a whirlpool of strange customs and traditions? These and many other twists and turns are presented in elegant narrative and riveting suspense in MOUNTAIN OF YESTERDAY. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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