moving targets: a novel
By Victor Daniel-Kalio

About this book

Everyone is talking about it. Two weeks ago, Toyosi Okunlade got a thirteen-year-old girl handed into her care by the church. Now that girl is missing -- mysteriously vanishing after Toyosi sent her into the kitchen to examine a gas leak that resulted in a violent explosion. Toyosi doesn't know what happened in that kitchen, but she is eager to find out, because the masked man suddenly chasing her down empty streets, her daughter's rapid decline in health, her husband's change in attitude, the herbs she discovers under her mattress…these things cannot be a coincidence. But it seems that the more she digs, the twistier the story gets. It's as though everyone is hiding something. Her husband, the church. Questions are leading to only more questions. Then, her own daughter goes missing and all gloves come off in this tale of hatred, murder, and red-hot revenge. Set in complicated Nigeria, MOVING TARGETS is a fast-paced domestic thriller that readers have been finishing in record times. It is a phenomenon you do not want to miss out on. Click to start enjoying now. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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