mutual cumming - foreplay, sex and orgasm - adult only (18+)
By Ocholi Okutepa

About this book

Every married person wants to enjoy sex. We are all hungry for orgasm. Painfully, very few people talk about their sexual frustrations in marriage. A lot of spouses have been satisfied by their partner. Others have occasionally got close to it, whereas some simply live in the frustrations of not being fulfilled sexually. The issue surrounding sex and satisfaction in marriage has led some spouses to actually believe that the enjoyment of sex is not meant for them. Others are forced to lower their expectation and gradually loose the joy of their sexuality. What follows is that you have spouses whose libido begins to grind down. As counsellor, I have spoken to both husbands and wives who are totally frustrated and some who are considering affairs and even homosexual relationships to deal with the frustration. It hurts to note that the smiles a lot of couples wear outside is to cover up untold pain on the inside. Both spouses deserve to be satisfied. Both of you deserve the joy of having a climax. This is achievable. If it were not, God would not put us in marriage and put the desire in us. What is often missing is the know-how and this is no respecter of your social or spiritual class. I will show you in this book that it is possible and that you can both satisfy your spouse and be satisfied. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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