my husband's twin
By Aishatuh M

About this book

Ducking away, she ran out of Hajia's living room with a loving smile on her lips. She banged her head on a broad chest that gave her a souvenir of a scent, just as juicy as her husband's. She knew he was the one, her Twin kept to his words. Not looking up to his face, she wrapped her hands around his waist and nuzzled her face deep into his chest, chuckling. "I missed you so much, Hassan. I was just moving in that kitchen fah, but your thoughts were a second away from making me crazy!" She lifted up her legs and planted a smooch on his left cheek. Roughly, she was peeled off his chest and a certain longing of his warmth seeped within her. That was bad. What happened to him? He left looking all loving, had she done something wrong? She looked into his eye level, lifting her face completely because of their height different. This is her husband, but why the hard face and the frown? Is this a frank? He didn't missed her? Or was he pulling her legs? Nadia's thoughts were put into a halt when he opened his mouth, he sounded exactly as her husband would, just the words differed. "I'm Hussain!" It was her husband's twin! Not even a single mark was there on their faces to help her differ between the cheerful Hassan and a grumpy Hussain. She felt her limbs gone weak as he walked past her. • What would happen when Nadia keeps mistaking her husband for her Husband's twin? I'm loving this much! I'm sure you would too! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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