my micra diary (free copy)
By Omotayo Okanlawon

About this book

Wetin my eyes see inside Micra taxi.... It started with mild coughs then little jabs disguised under the pretense of adjusting her posture. Then the leg works began as she stretched out her leg into my space to ensure we made contact. I simply looked away and kept my eyes out of the window. Then her cough resumed and this time louder. Really? I said within myself, but I kept my stance not wanting to foil the plot. She was an averagely pretty lady but she made up for the beauty with great "endowments" (if you know you know). I had earlier hurriedly walked past her on my way to the park and coincidentally we were headed the same way. She ensured she secured the seat beside me in the Micra. "Bless you", I eventually said to her when the coughs will not subside, and as if my words were the medicine to her coughs, it miraculously stopped. I was still clueless as to what her intentions were till I paid my fare (and paid mine only). After that, her leg that seemed glued to mine lost its glue and immediately went apart. Was I supposed to have offered to pay her fare? Was that the essence for the whole drama? This will be the second of similar experience with a Micra babe o. What are Micra babes up to nowadays abeg? I will find out... will you join me? Let's find out in my Micra diary. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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