my micra diary volume 1
By Omotayo Okanlawon

About this book

“This is how they cheat slim people like myself inside Micra taxi’s but this time I no go gree”, I said to myself. "Shift"! The stern voice repeated. To where? I no dey move an inch, and before I could even finish the line of thought in my mind, I was already pinned to the door. All she needed to do was push me with her massive 120 kg buttocks and I was no match for the weighty push. Ehn ehn! So it has come to the use of bottom power? Issokay. I was pinned to the door that I could barely move my hands and legs. Worst still, the heavyweight lady noticed my condition and seemed pleased with it as she had a grin on her face. She even leaned more to my side as if playing romance but it was a "romantic" crushing and not the kind I needed at the time. I caught her eyes spying on my face. Oh, what could she possibly be looking for in the face of someone she is oppressing, I asked myself. ‘She must be happy with herself for claiming so much seat space to herself’. But why are people like this? So this is how unfair people can be? The battle has just begun between slim people and fat people inside Micra taxis. We shall see. MyMicraDiary is a creative and comic diary sharing my commuting experience inside Ibadan city Micra taxi's. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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