nigeria and the leadership question: proffering solutions to nige
By Sunday Adelaja

About this book

This book provides for the reader: - An excellent perspective on the early historical origins and political development of Nigeria. - Solutions to the leadership question Nigeria has been struggling with since independence. - It destroys the myth that leadership is Nigeria’s only problem. - It points out the role of responsible followership in building a great nation. - It shows why democracy has not worked in Africa and what needs to be done for it to work. - It points out reasons why strong men (messiahs) cannot solve the problem of Nigeria and African nations. - It makes a case for building strong institutions and systems as the key to eradicating corruption and leadership failure. - It posits that wrong values are at the root of our national problems and challenges both for leaders and followers to imbibe good values. - It enjoins citizens not to abdicate the responsibility of their country to the leaders alone, but must themselves accept the responsibility for their nation. - It also shows examples of proactive Nigerians that are taking responsibility to build a better Nigeria. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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