By Davina Owombre

About this book

Many people go into marriage believing there will be lots of passionate lovemaking. What happens when one party is forced to participate? Can the marriage survive? For Imo, an adventurous woman caught in this dilemma, the unpleasant surprises go beyond her husband Bassey telling her over the phone that he wants a divorce, and his out-of-character violent behaviour. Throw in the betrayal of Didi, Imo's best friend who has done what a best friend should never do, and you'll understand why for Imo, this period of her life is indeed NIGHTFALL! *** This companion novella to Pepper - A Painless Love, and the story 'Drawn', continues the life saga of the unforgettable character known as Imo. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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