nnamdi kanu, biafrans and biafraland
By Izuoma Ibe

About this book

Close to fifty years since the end of the Biafran war, many authors have written considerable works on the war event; how and why it happened. One question yet unanswered is ‘Is Biafra an Igbo Agenda?’ Many people from have distanced themselves from the country, while many are otherwise. There are reasons for such acts. They are not ordinary. This book has come at the right time and in the right version to spread the valid information across without hindrance. Izuoma Ibe have been able to dig into history to bring verifiable facts that tell of the Ibibio, Ijaw, Efik, Igbo, and Ogoja people in Biafra and Nigeria. He has, in good opinion, stated correctly whose agenda Biafra is. Nnamdi kanu, Biafrans in Biafraland is a book that has unreservedly told the world whom the real Biafrans are. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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