nnewi (agban’ano)
By Godson Moneke

About this book

NNEWI(AGBAN’ANO) is a book written to correct some ongoing misconceptions and put things in their correct perspectives. First, it corrects the wrong narratives that Nnewi was a human being, 2) that the four communities have a common ancestry and 3) that one of the four Obis in Nnewi is superior to any of the other three Obis. These narratives are false. The book also signposts the difference between the title OBI and IGWE. While the throne of OBI IS HEREDITARY, that of IGWE is not. The book calls on the Anambra State government to grant autonomous status to all the four communities of Nnewi because the recognition is long overdue. The book gave insight into how Nnewi came into being with particular reference to the famous AgbaN’ano covenant. The book dismisses the concepts of Okpala Nnewi and Akaji Ofo Nnewi because they are not supported by known or existing facts. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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