no marriage no burial

About this book

When a poor young man becomes a victim of ill-fated affair, then the power of money cannot be underestimated. Omuruka’s parents’ ascendancy over him leaves him wishy-washy on his decision to marry Everechi, a girl who comes from a rich home and has been very supportive and vastly contributed to his success in life. The enticing hoax and deterrence by his parents give birth to a disarray, and upon his decline to be browbeaten by his parents, he stands to opt for whose existence weighs most to him; that of his parents or Everechi. But as much as he does not want to lose her, he does not also wish to lose his parents, and thus, he exercises obeisance which leads to the tragic upshot of her decease, and the only way to propitiate her family and to expiate for her demise which occurred in his father’s living room becomes ‘no marriage no burial.’ Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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