not a bed of roses
By Adejoke Adeyanju

About this book

Not a Bed of Roses is a book based on the Life of Shalewa, a thirty-something-year-old woman just living her life as she deems fit. Her parents the Adebambo’s like any other Nigerian parents are desperate to get her married. Abebayo Olaotan Williams an only child of an aristocratic family is the perfect husband for Shalewa or is he? If he is, why did Shalewa want to kill herself? Will Shalewa marry Adebayo and make her parents happy or will she find her own way? In Not a Bed of Roses, read how Shalewa in meandering through life, discovers the love of Christ and her purpose and truly learn that life is not a bed of Roses. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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