nothing but the truth (and a few white lies) - adult only (18+)
By Elena Vieira

About this book

“Every night, my mysterious lover visited in my dreams. He did things to me that fully claimed my body and soul, yet I had never even seen his face. I was filled with a longing for him that I couldn't explain and I would spend forever searching for him if I had to. He knows everything about my body, every inch, every scar, every place that makes me twitch and moan. There's no awkwardness in his exploration, just a targeted assault. When his fingers close around my throat, it's where they're meant to be... He feels it as keenly as I do. Finding someone you don’t have to hide your need from is heaven. We all have secrets and stuff we’re kinda embarrassed about, things we can’t tell just anyone. I find honesty during the throes of pleasure...just the best. “I’m such a slut for you” so liberating.” #Elena’sTruth Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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