nysc survival guide: the foreign otondo (part 1)
By Kemi Ogunniyi

About this book

"An appropriate alternative title for this Guide would be: What Google won't teach you about NYSC. Kemi Ogunniyi has done a great job putting this together, to help intending returnees beat a smoother path through the NYSC Jungle..." - Tolu Ogunlesi, Journalist and winner of CNN Multichoice African Journalism Prize, 2009 "The book conveys the NYSC Experience from an exceptionally intelligent and entertaining point of view. It's a candid exposition of the National Youth Service programme experience." Dayo Israel, Special Representative to the United Nations Should I participate in the NYSC Scheme? What is it like? How would I register for it? What would I eat at the NYSC Orientation camp? How does the posting system work? Will I get a good girlfriend / boyfriend during the NYSC year? This informative and entertaining guide covers those questions and more, well, except the ‘getting your girlfriend / boyfriend’ part. A lot of Nigerian graduates who have studied abroad are returning home because of tightening immigration laws in their host countries and new opportunities in Nigeria. For most foreign graduates, returning home means participating in the NYSC scheme, if they are to work in the public or private sectors in Nigeria – it is a national requirement! This booklet will guide you throughout your NYSC journey – from the initial decision making to final completion. If after reading you still have any questions, visit, where you can interact with the author and other intending Otondos. Follow us on twitter: @otondoguide and join our Facebook page, Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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