overcoming difficult situations in your life
By John Perez Fafavi

About this book

No situation is too difficult or unusual in itself. It is your outlook or attitude that makes that situation looks very difficult or unusual. Many people, when they fail or find themselves in a situation wherein they have failed or find it difficult to succeed, they call this unusual situation. This is what people call very difficult or unusual situation - a situation where nobody has succeeded or is impossible. Whatever men call unusual is not true. You should listen to what God is saying about the situation. You are not finished. Your end has not come until the end comes in the programme of God. Dr. John Perez in this book has penned down significant things every person needs to know and do to permanently overcome this evil force in your life and family whether you have a white skin or a dark skin. The scriptural revelations in this living book will be of great help to you and generations to come. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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