pathway to fulfillment
By Abinde Dare & Jesutoyinbo Rotimi

About this book

Few people had come to this world and gone, but their impact still lives on. Unfortunately, many people had come and gone but never to be remembered for any impact. Tragically, majority of people still living are yet to discover their path to RELEVANCE in life. The world would be better if every man realises and fulfils his purpose. Every man has a specific purpose that is very unique to him which no other man can fulfil either born or unborn. This book serves as a road map to fulfilment in life, it will lead you to: -Discover your Abilities -Maximise your Resources -Develop the traits for success -Discover the ultimate fulfilment in life. -And many more..... You might have read books on Purpose, Destiny or Fulfilment, "PATHWAY TO FULFILMENT" stands out among them because it is a tool designed for all ages and settings and no matter the phase of life you are right now, this book will inspire you to a greater height. Written by two passionate Nigerians who has a vision of a world full of purpose-driven youths, of a world where the old can easily spots the gifts in their young ones and fully support these young ones until their gifts starts to affect the world positively and beyond. This book contains personal experiences, stories of past and present great men & powerful quotes to motivate you to greatness. You cannot afford to miss out on this book.... Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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