By Davina Owombre

About this book

When her mother is suddenly hospitalised, Imo is reminded afresh how she was just 16 when she kissed another 16-year-old girl, and for that her mother stuffed her privates with pepper. That 20-year-old incident is the love-hate backdrop which frames this mother-daughter relationship of unending conflict. The fact that Mama is now in the hospital, and may need a kidney transplant, makes matters worse for Imo, who (although no saint herself) is currently grappling with the aftermath of coming home to find her husband cheating. Flying to her hometown in the thick of her marital problems to attend to her sick mother, Imo is determined and purposeful. And yet, considering that she's also a woman who is sometimes reckless and vulnerable, will she succeed in resolving these issues? *** Pepper is a novella that follows the story 'After Marilyn.' Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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