perfect mother

About this book

Set in present-day Nigeria, Perfect Mother focuses on a turbulent week in the lives of a moneyed middle-class Lagos family. Ani Umoh, a successful businessman, lives happily with wife Celia and their three young daughters. The only thing missing from their lives is a son; and Ani’s mother, visiting from the village, stirs discord by agitating for Celia to provide an heir or step aside so that Ani can take a second wife. Celia is more than a match for her mother-in-law. But an unexpected revelation drives Celia to desperate measures in order to restore harmony to her house¬hold… with tragic consequences. Compelling and humorous, Perfect Mother is a richly emotional portrait of family life in modern Nigeria: where the city dwellers, though prosperous, cannot escape the traditional values and superstitions of the village… Uduak Akpabio Umoren is a novelist and playwright. Perfect Mother was nominated for the NLNG-sponsored Nigeria Prize for Literature and is featured in the first edition of MASTERPIECES OF AFRICAN LITERATURE, edited by Professor Ebele Eko. The American-based Kirkus Reviews compares it to the works of Shakespeare and Chimamanda Adichie. Perfect Mother is a thrilling, delightful read that also highlights issues within our society. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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