perfect teens do (not) exist
By Gbenga Obakin

About this book

The experiences and challenges of teens are continually evolving. Today, the average teen is faced with issues of identity, morals, and peer pressure, finding self (purpose discovery), drugs and alcohol, internet and social media addiction among others and this has led to the increasing demand for ‘teen guides. While these challenges have always been in existence, they are wearing on a new outlook in the lives of the youth. Overcoming peer pressure is a necessary ingredient for a teen to be able to survive in his or her environment. It is one of the major killers of a teen’s vision. Sometimes, caving into peer pressure can also be a function of parental overprotection. Self-confidence is key in the battle to overcome this sort of pressure. Also, parents need to be very strategic at this stage of their lives to bring out the best in them. More and more young people are indulged with internet and social media. How and for what purpose it’s being used for is what matters. To keep the teens away from such habit, making them to understand the consequences of their choices and staying productive will go a long way in helping. The book does not aim to sound like a sermon but to make the teens understand that their struggles are not unique to them but to know that overcoming or staying away from detrimental habits and practices is achievable. From the author’s personal experience, the book is aimed to help youths make the right choices in life as the choices made at this stage of their lives go a long way to determine their future. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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