poetic memoirs of a young son - true life experiences, romance and lessons
By Eugy Enoch

About this book

Life has not always been what it seems Life has led me to turns I never had envisaged: Turns that had despair and misery, fortunes and smiles; All coming out to greet me like a welcome stranger. Sometimes I laugh, Sometimes I cheer; It never seems so all the time inside me. During these times, as I laugh at and cheer at people, I really wish they would see through to my heart- So lonely and cold does it seem. Sometimes I cry and when no one I see to comfort me, I break further. Sometimes, my heart bleeds and when no one I see to care, bleeds more. My joints are weakened under my burdens I could feel my heart beat faster....... This work is a Toast to the Reality of Life and Truth is about the lessons I have learn't in life: all the lessons of life with its Adventures and Conquests, Battles and Victories, De-motivations and Motivations, Pains and Joy, Moments of Sadness and Hope. All life valuable lessons can be read in every line of this work. Wouldn’t you agree with me that we have gathered much inside us - be it be negative pains or positive joys- and need our incredible skills and talents in using these negative pains and positive joys in constructively shaping and imparting our generation? Well, we’ve been born and so it remains for us to use all we’ve learn't and gathered through life to better our own lives and help people around us who are struggling as we are or as we have to stand . . . Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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