power play (maxims on power and leadership)
By Oyewale Foluso

About this book

Power play is a book of maxims on power and leadership. In our new world of mergers, acquisitions and job losses, the competition is more fierce than it has ever been and one will discover loyalty is a quality more attractive and appreciated than efficiency. Expertly written in quotes, this book is an asset to you if you suddenly find yourself in a position of learning and power. Efficiency and loyalty moves you up the ladder faster than your physical abilities. Leadership is evolving, and service is effortless when it stems from love. Hence, the new concept of love leadership. Great Leaders entrusted with power throughout history have at a point or the other encountered fierce opposition from their followers, in this book you will find the key to survival in such situations. Power play's central theme is becoming a principality that cannot be ignored in the scheme of things and then becoming a personality that can be identified with; your personality is your legacy, it determines your dominion. You conquer the world when you become a strong personality whose influence remain even when you are no longer in the position of power. Let's take the journey to power play together! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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