By Ubong Okon

About this book

The Book PowerSHIFT is a narrative Faith-Based Inspirational book set in the Classical bible story of Joseph who provided leadership in ancient Egypt and the life lessons we draw from His greatness and leadership. PowerSHIFT teaches how Joseph led the world through one of the greatest famine in history and sustained the world through his revolutionary Economic Plan. Joseph not only rose from the Pit to the Palace, but through the Power of his dream came from nothing to being the nation's greatest influencer. The Book considers the many sides of Joseph, as a family man, as a prophet, as an economist, as a servant of God and how he balanced it all. The book underscores the several elements of wisdom found in the life and times of Joseph, the tests that he survived and how we can rise to greatness from the pits of life. There are two basic thoughts in this book: First, the trajectory of Joseph in determining his direction and the capacity of Joseph to produce results at global scale through principles of greatness and leadership. The book is about discovering the secrets that made Joseph great and successful in leadership The genre of PowerSHIFT is Faith-based, Inspirational The gender/age demographic that PowerSHIFT book is targeted at is the Upwardly mobile, Christian Circle, knowledge seekers, visionary people. Guaranteed to Bless you. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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