president's son and i
By Aishatuh M

About this book

I have a secret obsession. You probably may wonder why it’s a secret when I’ve made it pretty obvious on the gram. Everyone knows about my obsession, well, except him, of course. And the universe seemed to be on my side the day I got to be his maid for a few hours. Only that, I’ve never expected that a day that started so amazing could end so badly. I’d never expected that I’d regret seeing him that day. Or that I’d end up hating him and vowing never to forgive him for the rest of my life. But destiny has a funny way of twisting with lives; just like it has twisted with me. And I ended up not just a maid for a day for him, but a live-in maid! And just when I thought I’ve hated him enough not to be fascinated by him, the universe showed me that I haven’t even loved him enough. And he turned out not to be the person I thought he was. Breaking all those walls I’ve carefully built around my heart to crash without even trying to. Made me fall harder in love with him-just that this time, even though I knew that I’d never have a chance with the President’s Son, it couldn’t have been clearer. I loved him, but he had someone else. Carrying the little self-esteem I have, I took the leapt of being with someone else. But…could I live without the President’s Son? Is the secret I’m hiding, meddled with the hatred of him that I buried in my heart, be an opener to something beautiful…or worse? Maybe Zafir’s Story and I would be an epic love story. Maybe not. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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