preview - kingdom of africa - power
By Olu Balogun

About this book

After eighty thousand years, the princess of the sun; Power, is finally ready to leave her parents behind and come to the earth, to discover her destiny. She has been chosen to become one of the Seven; a group of higher beings who protect the Kingdom of Africa. She is forced to fight and defend the earth, against the rising rebels; the Kingdom of the Black Hole, but in the process, she is also confronted with another evil; one that has always lived inside her. Glory was selected, out of nine other princesses of the foremost star kingdoms, to become the partner of Truth; the heir to the Sun Kingdom, as he was preparing to be crowned. She was eager to begin a new life of prestige and supremacy, away from the pains of her past, but soon she was forced to choose, between the love of her life and the love she had for her father. If you are having problems logging in with the Facebook button, please register manually, by clicking 'Create an account' on the login page. You can also send me a message on Instagram for assistance. *NOTE: The Preview only contains Chapter 1 & Chapter 7 Download the full version on the Okada Books app, at N1000. You can also purchase on Amazon Kindle, worldwide. You can send a Message to @OlufemiTheGreat on Instagram, for more information. Or send an email to: The hard copy is available on Amazon, from the 14th of May, 2020. It will also be available across Africa, from August, 2020. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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