prison of glass
By Adejoke Becca

About this book

Monica and her husband, Alex, run a flourishing automobile business – Pleasure Wheels. Alex is an older man and with his recent heart-attack and gradually debilitating health, he leaves Monica to run the business while he only oversees the activities. Monica is dedicated to moving the company forward and is eager to maximize her opportunities. The business is booming and Monica is enjoying her work. But the woman in her is lonely. She isn’t even aware of this until she meets Damian. And he opens her eyes to see the other side of herself she doesn’t know exists. Damian grew up in poverty but he has managed to pave his way into becoming a successful businessman. He co-owns a leasing business – Octopus Ventures. And he is determined to be very rich, or die trying. So he is dedicated to availing himself to every promising opportunity. He meets Monica and sees a world of opportunities. Pleasure Wheels is a business dream come true. And Damian is ready to take a pleasure trip. So he employs his God-given gift of wooing a woman and works his way into gaining control of Monica’s mind. Monica finds herself in a sexual obsession and she is desperate to hold on to Damian, no matter what. What Damian has not bargained for is what a desperate woman is capable of doing. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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