project one nigerian-unlock your potential through your identity
By Abisayo Busari

About this book

It is a truism that those who fail to learn from an unfortunate history are condemned to repeat it. The sad reality in Nigeria is that the labours of our heroes past are consigned to the museum of natural history and thus made to be in vain. It is perhaps paradoxical that a young post-independence individual has now taken up the task of re-igniting and fanning into flame the dead embers of nationalism in Nigeria. This effort is as ambitious as it is significant. It is ambitious to aspire to or assume the responsibility of reawakening the love for Motherland in the present day Nigeria. It is ambitious to attempt to blunt the sharp dividing lines of ethnicity and tribal rivalry. It is ambitious to put ones back to the rocks of despair and disdain for the country with the goal of rolling them away. It is ambitious for an individual to wish to achieve all these not through some collective or communal appeal for mass change but through an intellectual, near spiritual, infusion of faith in individuals. And lastly, it is indeed ambitious to have the faith that it can be done! It is therefore notably significant that a young and vibrant woman has chosen, through the tiny sparks from the tip of her pen, to reignite the gigantic fire ball of neo-nationalism in Nigeria. Through an approach that is both historical and motivational, Bisayo Busari-Akinnadeju compels us , through this Book, to believe with her that there is redemption for Nigeria, and that from the ashes of the glorious past when £1 is equal to N2 we can reignite a fire of greatness. This Book is therefore an attempt by her to urge us to bring together tiny sparks to catalyse the process of recovery for our beloved Nigeria. The two Parts of this Book-PROJECT ONE NIGERIAN are charges from a warrior General to rouse us, young and old, home and abroad, males and females, to shake off the restraints, break off the chains and both individually and collectively, become, once again, the Pride of the Black Race. The Book is a fire in the palm, let it touch you, let it travel the arteries and the veins, let it reach the heart and make us, like the Prodigal, arise from the shame of the past, the errors and greed of the present, to a better, more promising future. We are more than potentials; we have the seed of greatness in hibernation. In your hand is the water to bring it up and out, here is the making of a new Nigeria. This Book is a manual for our resuscitation! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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