raped at seventeen
By George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie

About this book

Sometimes, in the midst of silence, where distorted narratives are being peddled, we need to voice out the truth even if it means living with some degree of shame but knowing that with our own story, we have helped others heal and helped others speak out their fears. Here I am, sharing what happens to be the worst moments of my life. A story no one has been able to crack, a secret that only existed in my heart and maybe in the hearts and minds of those involved if they regard it as anything anyway. A process of healing that started many years ago but a process that is perfecting as you read. I am glad to be relieving my heart of its heaviness, I am glad to be reaffirming that I have moved on from the past and forgiven myself and others but I am also bothered that one way or another we are shutting people up from opening up and we are treating people who open up by wanting to teach them how to tell their stories rather than allow them to say it the way they want. This is the story of abuse and rape, written in advocacy of the fight against rape and Child abuse. This is also an appeal to everyone, to listen more, care more and build an enabling environment that allows people to open up without fear. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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