re.think culture
By OLUWAmuyiwa

About this book

How are we sure that we have not been looking at the concept of Culture with a narrow or even the wrong perspective? Perhaps today’s perception of Culture has tilted the world’s standard of living to a few at the expense of many. Could it also be that we have been under performing globally because we do not take Culture as important as we need to? Re.Think CULTURE is a revolutionary book that will help communities, corporations and Countries to be more appreciative and creative when it comes to the expression and promotion of Culture as the most profitable means to a sustainable lifestyle. In this short but well detailed book, OLUWAmuyiwa walks everyone through some concepts of Culture that we might be overlooking over the years. He has taken a bold step to show us that there are other entrances to Culture that we must familiarize ourselves with in order cultivate a lifestyle that is profitable for everyone. By focusing on mapping out how you see your community or environment and identifying the potentialities that are locked within, the psychology of the people and the prosperity that could be actualized, Re.Think CULTURE creates a simple and holistic road map for communities, corporations and countries that leads to a profitable and sustainable lifestyle. Re.Think CULTURE will make every reader understand that we have been looking at Culture as a rigid generational heritage rather than a dynamic element that speaks to how we continually grow and improve from one generation to another. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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