By Frank Anozie

About this book

Strange things happen in this tumultuous world. When a patient in coma, whose entire family members have been slaughtered by unknown killers, suddenly gains consciousness and gives Nurse Frank a cryptic information before finally dying, the young medical practitioner soon realizes that he has been appointed a task that may lead into the loss of many lives, including his. About a century earlier, a warrior young girl named Amarachi had spelled the destiny of the wicked Prince Andaka for killing her father. Now, Amarachi incarnated is alive in this present world. Frank must find this present Amarachi and help her remember her past before the ruthless Banjo and his followers force her to lift the curse she has placed on the wicked Prince in the previous life. Frank knows he cannot successfully do this alone. He will have to rely on the help of his equally ruthless friend, Dozie, and the beautiful Stella. These three must find the girl in time and save the world. Reincarnation is a supernatural novel that shows the extreme end humans can go in the search for power. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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