relationship code for smart ladies
By Michael Mbuko

About this book

It is aguably true that the guys tend to be more strategic than their female folks in this Love game, men in their inner circle had pride themselves that ladies can never come in terms to the game with them because an average lady is conscious of her biological clock which ticks faster, societal pressures to get married often smoke her out of her comforts into our iron claws and the promiscuous ladies amidst them in the internet, schools, shop and offices are most willing to give it all out with no price tag. Their celebrated winners are in the minority. What will the female folks do when the few among them who have the strength, lack the techniques? These are clues to a man's heart from an insider, which will enable you to identify the players and to choose a good guy who will love you truly. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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