rising above life's challenges and limitations
By John Perez Fafavi

About this book

Man was not created with weakness. He was created in the very image of God to have the ability to also create and re-create situations. You can come to a point where you have dominion over everything. Any willing soul can turn his or her limitations to stepping stones. There is an innate ability in every man created by God to defeat limitations. God has put ability within all of us that if we are willing, we can cross over, we can defeat any type of limitations. Dr. John Perez in this powerful book has penned down significant things you need to know and do to rise above the limitations and challenges that come your way whether you have a white skin or a dark skin. The revelations loaded in this living book will be of great help to you and generations to come. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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