s.a.f.e™ville family comics: thisability; i am differently able!
By Taiwo Akinlami

About this book

Sixth Edition S.A.F.E™VILLE Family Comics: 'THISABILITY. I AM DIFFERENTLY ABLE .' #tobiisdifferentlyable THE SETTING: Tobi is a new girl in Amara's school, who is living with cerebral palsy. Amara displays good knowledge of inclusion , she treated Tobi just as she is; differently able and ensured others did too. Tobi also tells us about her journey. Would you like children in your area of influence to read and learn about friendly, family, tolerance and more from Tobi's story? INVALUABLE LESSON #mindyourlanguage! Those commonly referred to as disabled are not disabled, they are DIFFERENTLY ABLE. It's THISABILITY(according to UNICEF and not DISABILITY How can our children understand that DIFFERENTLY ABLE children are just like them and never discriminate? How can the society move from indifference, discrimination and apathy to proper acceptance as it should be. How can parents get help for DIFFERENTLY ABLED children in a SOCIAL PROTECTION INSENSITIVE Third World nation like Nigeria? This edition explain these and many more... Read to find out #personalsafety #selfprotection #safeville #values #valutainment #alternativeentertainment Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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