sacking the potter
By Bolaji Olatunde

About this book

Michael Owoyemi is about to close a multi-million dollar business deal on behalf of his demanding employer. On the Monday morning scheduled for the closure of the deal, Biola Owoyemi, his usually reserved wife, physically restrains him from leaving their Ibadan home, insisting that he must stay at home to protect her and their first and only child, their two-month old son, from unnamed forces keen on snatching their child away from them. Trapped in his own home on a day with serious make-or-mar potential on his career, Michael Owoyemi employs every device he can conjure to resolve the first crisis in his three-year old marriage. With a supporting cast of family and friends, some of his choices lead to a gripping tale of betrayal and mysterious consequences. About The Author Bolaji Olatunde is a Nigerian author who lives and works in Abuja. Sacking the Potter, was among the three shortlisted plays for the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Drama Prize 2016. His second novel, Hang No Clothes Here was published in August 2017. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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