sacred romance
By Mr Awesome

About this book

BOOK REVIEWS "When I first saw the cover of this book, I thought Maybe "story of a feminist who fell in Love. But after reading this book from page to cover, I only find myself craving for more. I loved each and every character I read and I can only wish to meet them in reality. This writer made each and everyone of them very addictive. My favourite is Ana. Oh my God. That girl is that kind of best friend I'll love to have to as a male too. I wish I could literally meet Ana. She made my reading worth it" --- Oparah Ifeyinwa (Facebook) **** "This is one of the best Love stories I've read in a while I must confess. My blood pressure kept increasing and coming down. My heart raced over and over again. It felt like a real life experience. Oh I miss being in Love" --- John Benson **** "I love the way this book ended because I found myself inbetween, crying again and again. I almost hated this writer for making me cry this much. His use of words, his expressions, oh my. You'll think he's talking to you. You will feel that thing like he's confessing his love to you and trusting you with his story. I loved reading this, and I'll do so over and over again". --- Jane Philips **** "First of all, I'll say no one has made me cry this much in a very very long time. Reading this in first person pronoun, I'll say I actually met this writer and I felt so connected to him. Sounds like my story and I can't get enough of it." ---- Anabel Coker, South Africa ***** "I doubt if this story is fiction. Mehn! I can't even stop crying. Wendy went through a lot of torture But I was happy for her afterwards" --- Obiora Nzema, Nigeria ***** BOOK DESCRIPTION This is that kind of Romance you've been searching for. When you read, you'll know what Romance truly feels like when put in to writing in first person pronoun. The Desire, the Burning, the Fantasy, the Excitment, the Silence, the Love, Oh the Hunger, the jaw dropping Suspense and the Cravings for more... If you're very conscious of your sanity like myself, and you don't want to loose your mind reading an 18+ rated Romance, I beg you, Don't Read. It is going to blow your mind. It's that kind of Romance you've never read. You'll cry, you'll be left hanging on suspense with no one to help you, you'll be thrilled and Finally, you'll fall in Love. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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