sacrifice (free preview)
By Nileyah Mary Rose

About this book

Three generations of women all seem to endure the same curse. Ride with Rachael, the second generation, a seventeen year old high school student whose only wish is to disappear from the hellish life she has lived with her spiteful mother. Everything changed and Rachel found her life tumbling down around her when she becomes pregnant. Unable to financially raise her child, she gave her up and vowed to get her back by any means necessary. This vow leads her down a dark road of prostitution, drugs, and alcohol when she meets smooth talking Latif. When reality hits and the smoke clears, will it be too late for Rachel? Will she lose everything including her child? What hardships will her child have to endure because of her own decisions? Twist and turns, roundabouts, ups and downs will have you asking, ‘What’s next?’ Or will you even want to? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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