school needs to go to school
By Samuel Daniel

About this book

My book, “School Needs To Go To School” was born out of the desire to see a practical change in the African educational system, particularly in Nigeria. Being a graduate myself, you can tell that I must have seen it all. As a student who just got admission into the University some years ago, I always had questions that no one seemed to have answers for. While some thought my ideas were rather too extreme or unnecessary, some thought I made sense. I had questions like was school necessary to be successful in the real world and how relevant is the curriculum to modern day living? This led me to an extensive study of the school system globally, in Africa and in Nigeria. I realized that many students were either studying courses they had no genuine interest in or they were simply fulfilling all righteousness of going to school and not being a mental hobo with the hope of getting a good Job which now seems elusive. My one million dollar question that motivated the publishing of this book is, ‘what is the measurement of intelligence?’ Because I think that it’s unfair to use a single parameter to measure the intelligence of people with different gifts and abilities. I advocate that there is a difference between schooling and education and an understanding of this distinction will help improve the educational system as a whole. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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