secrets of the gods
By Frank Anozie

About this book

Saint, who becomes an introvert after kidnappers abducted his twin sister at a tender age of five, turns into a writer even as a student. His low life takes a new turn when he decides to write a story based on a mysterious medallion that is stolen from a monastery; the fictitious story climaxes to the gruesome deaths of the characters therein. However, unknown to this writer, events of this imagined story are occurring in real-time in Abuja. Abuja Inspector James is the officer investigating the sexual abuse of a young girl and the brutal killing of her mother by her father. The news about the mysterious deaths of two men in a brothel attracted Inspector James' interest. Then weirdly, he discovers on a certain blog that a certain stranger is updating stories that bear significance to the case he is investigating. He is soon plunged into a whirlpool of conspiracy and supernatural entities. These strange ideals get the detective to begin asking himself series of questions concerning other unrelated events in the story between an important personality in Abuja and persons unknown. Akwa Ibom State The Medallion has been stolen from the monastery and the Ibibio Monks are worried because Ghaoul, the mischievous and blood thirsty demon, has been released. But the gods have a fall-back plan: the writer. He must be found and be guided to unravel the secrets of the gods. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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