By Tope Omotosho

About this book

There’s only one person standing in the way of love: her husband. As Efe files for divorce, will the breakup give her joy or lead to her losing more than she expected? It’s been almost two years since the night that changed everything for Efe. For as long as she could remember, her childhood crush on Daniel had always made her do silly things. But there was only one thing she regretted; having a baby for him when he clearly didn’t love her. With constant push and pressures from both their families, they end up in a marriage only one of them wants. She goes away for the mandatory one year National service and meets Amaze who is everything Daniel isn’t to her, and he sweeps her off her feet showing her sweet romance. Armed with the pain of Daniel’s adulterous ways, she makes the firm decision to move on and files for a divorce. While Efe is away, Daniel has a change of heart from the most unlikely means and decides to get his act together and be the husband he hasn’t been. He gets his acts straight and wants to get his wife back but he may be late as she’s already met with Amanze’s family. Will Efe be willing to take Daniel back, or will her new love with Amanze be strong enough to make her walk away from him? Can she hope for a new start with her daughter and Amanze or is everything just wishful thinking? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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