sexual purity in leadership
By Dr. Bola Akin-John

About this book

A phinehas for God I must confess, it is not easy to write this book, most especially on a subject like this. For years, I have noticed and counselled leaders and seen the devastating impact sexual laxity have had on the people of God, ministers of the gospel and the body of Christ as a whole and I have been at pains to address this issue. Over the years, I have waited to see whether the problem will subside by itself, but alas, it has rather increased to alarming proportions and the name of Christ and His church has been repeatedly dragged in the mud. Also, I’ve had to check and re-check my heart and life to see that the grace of God is helping me to live victoriously over sexual temptations and traps peculiar to ministry leaders, because I don’t ever want to live hypocritical life. So far, the Lord has been faithful and that is why I’m able to write this book for leaders in every strata of the church and society. Permit me to enumerate some reasons that necessitate the writing of this book:- Firstly, there are amazing incidences of the fall of leaders. Quite sadly, many leaders have abused and are still abusing their position to harass and sexually molest those they are leading. Too many stories abound and are coming out everyday in the newspapers, radio and television about leaders that took advantage of those under them sexually. Rather than abate, the trend is moving upward rapidly. We all heard the story of President Bill Clinton some years ago. Many preachers and church leaders have recently been discovered to be patronising male prostitutes and the moral fabrics of their leadership have been greatly eroded. I read about a Pentecostal Bishop who once had over 10,000 people in his church. He was about 67 years of age and two women in his church sued him and claimed that he had been sleeping with them for about 13 years. They gave graphic details of how they always meet him at the car park after each service and he will take them home to sleep with them. Though, the matter was settled out of court but the church attendance has reduced to a couple of hundreds. And this was a Bishop that has travelled round the whole world, ordaining and commissioning other Pentecostal Bishops. What a transferance of sexual anointing! Of course, this is not an isolated case, but a tip of the ice-berg of sexual perversion by leaders today. Secondly, innocent ignorance have led to the ruin of many leaders. I know that many leaders will be peeved at my clear, explicit and strait forward way of writing because they feel this is an issue that is so sacred and is held as a taboo among Africans. However, such simplistic view have contributed much to the problem at hand. Leaders that are too simple, innocent and ignorant of the ravages of sexual pressure will surely fall into this trap of the enemy. Either you like it or not, you will come across sexual pressure in your life and leadership. The earlier you are properly informed about it, the better for you. Many leaders who know little or nothing about sexual matters have unwittingly fallen prey to this trap of the enemy. I hope that God will use this book to help you overcome in this area. Thirdly, sexual sin is one of the great Achilles’ heels of many leaders. It is commonly said that Gold, Glory and Girls are the three major enemies of gospel ministers. I cannot agree more. In actual fact, this will be my first book on this trilogy. I hope to still write on the ravages of Money and Pride in ministry. As King Solomon said in the book of Proverbs 7:26 “For she hath cast down many wounded; yea, many strong men have been slain by her”. This is an altruism in the ministry today. Many great evangelists, preachers, pastors, bishops and church leaders have lost their anointing and ministry on the laps of strange women. Repeatedly, the devil have succeeded in using the weapon of sex to ruin and incapacitate many once great servants of the Lord. I sincerely pray that God will use this book to restore and revitalize such men. May the Lord raise up the fallen! Amen and Amen!!!. Finally, every leader must beware of satanic trap in this area. ‘Be careful, many have gone’ is a popular slogan at the back of intercity buses in Nigeria. I believe strongly that that is also the warning that many church leaders must heed very well. God has not changed His word about sexual sins. No matter the modernisation and technological breakthrough in the world, God still hates adultery, fornication and sexual perversion in His people and leaders. Whoever plays with it is playing with fire and just judgement of God. Amazingly, many church leaders of today see nothing wrong in promiscuity and sexual lapses. I remember preaching my first message to hundreds of church leaders on this topic few years ago in one of our conferences in Lagos. At the altar call, several hundreds of leaders came forward for forgiveness and deliverance from sexual bondage. My second time of speaking on this subject in a large conference of leaders also attracted the same response. Just few weeks ago, we had a seminar for men on sexual matters and about 200 men were in attendance. At the closing, a particular man came forward for prayer and told us a story. He said he had about 500 church members, but that he must sleep with at least four of the women every week. Though he is married with four kids, he must sleep with at least four women in a week! What kind of a leader and church is that? Conclusively, every leader must determine to be a Phinehas for God. You remember the story in Numbers 25. While Israelites were dying and being consumed by the anger of the Lord because they were sleeping with the women of Moab, one man still had the audacity to bring a woman. Then Phinehas arose and slay the man and the woman on top of each other. This extreme action stayed the anger of the Lord. “And the Lord spake unto Moses saying, Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, hath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel, while he was zealous for my sake among them, that I consumed not the children of Israel in my jealousy. Wherefore says, Behold, I give unto him my covenant of peace” (Num. 25:10-12). Twenty four thousand men and leaders of Israel died in this plague, yet it was one man, Phinehas, that stopped the plague by his action. While others were doing it, he stood alone for the Lord. I strongly believe that each of us must become a Phinehas for God in our circle of influence today. Because everybody is doing it should not make us to join the bandwagon. We can say ‘No’ to the flesh, Satan and sexual pressure of the world around and within us today. We must become a Phinehas for God, not by killing those in sexual cesspool, but by taking a righteous stand for sexual purity, chastity and morality in our churches, homes, ministries and society at large. If every reader can become a Phinehas through the reading of this book, then it would not have been in vain. Remember, one man can make a difference. In reality, this book is my own way of becoming a Phinehas for God. I hope you too can do the same, by reading and practicalising what you read. Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John International Church Growth Ministries Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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