shadows and nothings

About this book

From the author of 'Mountain of Yesterday' and 'Mr. Benjamin's Pen' comes another exciting prose narrative; an outstanding love story. Julius does not like wedding ceremonies, but he has to be present on this occasion as the bride is the sister of his best friend. The party turns out to be more than Julius expected and he finds himself hopelessly drawn to another guest at the ceremony. Knowing nothing of the troubles tearing her world apart, Julius relentlessly pursues the enchanting Lauretta until he cracks the walls that circumstances have erected around her. But just when Lauretta begins to put her hope in the redemptive power of Julius’ love, the glimmer on the horizon is blighted by an old flame from his own equally unsavoury past flickering to life and casting shadows on the future they have dared to believe in. Will Julius succumb to the frailty of human nature? Will they ever be together or will their future be destroyed by the evil threatening within and without him? Will he listen to the counsel of friends or lean to the promptings of his heart? In the end, will Julius go the way of others? SHADOWS AND NOTHINGS is a rousing romance experience narrated in such elegant language as will keep the reader captivated till the end of the book. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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