show me the moon
By Toluwalase Ohiro

About this book

Show Me The Moon Is A Story That Will Pique Your Interest. ***************************** Faking a smile, she disagreed "No ma, its 2 for 1 thousand naira" "Ah...on top these small small yams? Nothing dey the body now? See as the thing don dey spoil sef" Nene looked at the tubers of yams in front of her. There was nothing spoilt there. She proceeded to frown in indignation and turned to look the other way. "Ah, see this girl! I wan buy market and you dey look another side. Be like say you no wan sell market. Abeg commot!" The woman spat and walked away angrily. ********************************* Poorer than the word itself, 16 year old Nene is caught up in a world full of the strives of life as she's subjected to hawking plantains before school and selling yams after school due to hardship. Then she meets Ade, a young middle class fresh graduate who works at a cyber cafe, and who often comes to buy yams from her in the evenings, under the eyes of the Moon. Life takes her from the suburbs to the skyscrapers, into a life she never dreamt of! Join me as I take you through Nene's World, into the hustle and bustle of the average Lagosian's life. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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