silent storms
By Tekena Ikoko

About this book

Every family undertakes a journey to pass on the value of responsibility to the next generation. Mr. Kofi Mensah's family is not left out. Kofi was a widower with an ego-driven seventeen year old son, Beno, and his wife, Rebecca, was a widow with hands full twin teenage girls, Chinelo and Chineme. Together, Kofi and Rebecca have a seven year old, wiser-than-your-age son, Kwame. When the Mensah family migrate to Tamale in Northern Ghana, Beno, who grew up in Kenya and the twins, who were born in Nigeria, must find common grounds with little Kwame and yet another adopted sister, Maria - their nine year old niece whose parents just died in a plane crash. Silent Storms is a collection of short stories that teach the principles of responsibility and conflict management to prepare every family with proven values for the 21st century. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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